What is a Cutera Laser Genesis?


Cutera Laser Genesis is an advanced laser skin treatment method to help improve and restore your skin’s appearance. It uses laser heat and light energy in a series of micro pulses, activating the skin’s natural healing process and collagen remodelling. This process helps the growth of new cells, improves the fine-lines appearance and targets facial redness.

Who is it for and what areas can be treated?


This treatment is ideal for those who want great, visible results without having any medical/surgical practices performed. The laser will give a gentle warming of your skin and target any discolouration that may be present. Patients describe this experience very warming and relaxing.


Cutera Laser Genesis can be a great treatment for the face, neck, hands and other body areas with noticeable aging, sun damage or scarring. After the treatment procedure, any aging marks, acne scars or redness is reduced.




The Cutera Laser Genesis treatment will show instant results. Your skin will not only look healthier but also will be much smoother and brighter. However, a series of treatments gives optimum results. To treat the skin for fine lines, redness or sun damage, around five treatments are strongly recommended, with four weeks apart between each treatment.


Cutera XEO Laser Genesis is available at About Skin. This treatment is very popular overseas, especially with celebrities in Hollywood. You can expect a quick, gentle and relaxing treatment without unwanted side effects such as swelling, excessive skin irritation and bruising.


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